What is Better Topics?

Check our 4 minute video!

The 2 Versions Of The Game

Sit down for a few rounds, then play on the go! Made with love, to preserve love.

Help Us Build The App

Modern life often needs us to be on the run. So, we decided to have a fully fledged app as well, allowing you to keep having meaningful conversations at all times during the week!

We’re running our Kickstarter campaign for the game right now, but once it finishes, you’ll be able to download and play the game both on Android and iOS!


Select A Plan

The game is going to be free on both platforms, but if you opt in for a paid package, you’ll have access to some extra features!

Just to give you an idea, you’ll be able to select from options such as weekly challenges, a history of all surprises, and more! The plans are even purchasable with in-game currency, which you earn by playing.

Reserve Your Deck Today

We want you and your partner to sit down and have meaningful conversations. To that extent, you’ll have 120 cards in the base deck, 54 of which are questions!

After our Kickstarter campaign finishes, you’ll be sent a package anywhere in the world, shipping included, and depending on your pledge, one or more extension decks as well.

You’ll Get The App Too

Sitting down for a 30 minutes or 1 hour game at a time is a very refreshing activity for your relationship (we know from personal experience!), but that’s not always possible.

Support us on Kickstarter, and we’ll be able to develop a fully fledged app as well, downloadable for free!

The praise keeps coming!

This is something people can do with right now.

James Preece UK’s Leading Relationship Coach United Kingdom

The game looks awesome!

Amy Darcy Founder and Editor of Eat Pray Workout Australia

This game helps couples deepen their connection.

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.d Founder of Save The Marriage United State