Couples quizzing together stay together

Watch this video to learn the rules of the game.

Signing Up

Join the fun in less than 3 minutes. Download the app from either the App Store or Google Play and Register yourself. Then Invite your partner with a short written message, a sweet audio message or a video explaining what you’re up to.

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How does it work?

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Play with your loved one.

Every day, the app will shuffle the card deck and will give you 3 cards to choose from. Play more rounds for meaningful discussions and better results. You can choose to answer a card either by text, voice or video.


Navigate emotions and increase your connection.

As you play the game, you’ll notice it sparks discussions on unexpected, sensitive and even topics that you would otherwise avoid, but that help you improve as a couple. You’ll practice empathic listening and build a genuine conversation about your feelings, your darkest thoughts or future aspirations.

If you don’t like the question, you can request a new card. However, you can’t dodge that hard question forever. 🙂 But, for each question you answer you receive BT Points that you can use to purchase Modifier Cards or other goodies in the game!

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Enjoy the results with your partner.

The first player with no cards wins one round. The winner can draw 3 random cards from The Rewards Deck and choose one of them. At the end of a round, players can decide to play another round, or end the game. We recommend couples play either 2/3 or 3/5 so you go though most of the cards and play for longer.

However, remember that it’s less about “winning”, and more about spending quality time with your partner.

Say Good-Bye to

“What’s for dinner?”

kind of questions!

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different modifier cards

Expect the Unexpected with the Modifier Cards

For a little bit of extra fun, we created the Modifier Cards. With these cards you ask for more details about a question, such as “Why?” or “How did you respond to it?”. They can be played alongside Question Cards (allowing you to play 2 cards in one turn). However, these cards can only be played after your partner answers the question, and only if the extra question makes sense. Also, only one More Detail Modifier card can be played in one turn.

different modifier cards

Accomplish Weekly Challenges

No matter if you are in a long distance relationship, just married, have children or not, the Better Topics mobile app is the salt and pepper that can bring your relationship to the next level. You will receive a secret challenge every week to remind your partner how appreciated he/she is. (sneak peak: serving them breakfast in bed).

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Have Access to your History of Answers

Reminisce the milestones of your relationship thanks to the history of answers, voice memos, video answers and pictures you uploaded in the app. You’ll learn how to express your intimate feelings and keep the honeymoon feeling alive, regardless of the stage of your relationship.

Points System

The app’s purpose is to get you and your partner talking about the really important aspects of life, but a little friendly competition never hurt nobody. Answer the questions your partner sends you and you’ll receive BT Points which you can spend on in-game rewards. These will spice up your conversations and move the game in real life!


You can even win real romantic getaways and experiences based on your activity in the app. There’s an entire rewards system that we put together, from buying flowers and chocolate to enjoying an unforgettable weekend in Paris!